Joaqíun de Diego Rincón
Director Combustion Applications Europe
Nippon Gases


Hydrogen in Glass Manufacturing

Decarbonization strategies are linked to the reduction of fossil fuels use together to the use of new technologies capable to provide hydrogen with low CO2 footprint.

Already well stablish and well know oxy-combustion technology is helping to the glass industry to reduce their CO2 footprint for immediate future and the medium term.

This paper will guide the audience through one exercise that will provide a vision of the possible steps that the glass industry could follow to reduce the CO2 emissions by implementing step by step the capacity to use hydrogen at the furnaces as fuel together with the oxy combustion technology.

Making great efforts, from the techno-economic point of view, to have large amounts of hydrogen available as fuel will only make sense if implemented in conjunction with oxy-combustion technology.


Joaquín de Diego Rincón is Director Combustion Applications Europe at Nippon Gases Euro- Holding. Based in Madrid, Spain.

Is responsible for Oxy-combustion developments in aluminium, glass, frits, lead, iron, steel and cement applications. After joining Nippon Gases in 1997 has been working in different roles inside Nippon Gases.

Joaquín received a Master Degree of Chemistry from Complutense University in Madrid (Spain). Holds a European Welding Specialist Certificate by the European Welding Federation and a MBA by ESIC Business and Marketing School in Madrid (Spain).