Mikael Le Guern
Global Business development Director, Glass
Schneider Electric/Eurotherm


Solutions for 10MVA and more electrical melting and boosting systems.

To address the decarbonization challenge facing the glass industry, we expect that the size of the electrical boosting and melting systems in glass furnaces will continue to grow especially for container glass and eventually also for flat glass furnaces. As a result, we are designing flexible and versatile electrical melting and boosting systems in size and operation to adapt to multiple configurations. Overall efficiency, leadtimes and capex are also critical aspects to keep in mind to facilitate this transition to a more sustainable glass production.


Mikael Le Guern has a master’s degree in electrical engineering from ENSEEIHT and started at Eurotherm Automation in Lyon, France in October 2000 as a power application engineer. He later moved to the power product marketing position where working with R&D, he was instrumental in developing the product specification and business plan for Eurotherm EPower SCR Controllers. In April of 2007, Mikael took on a new adventure when he transferred to the Eurotherm office in Leesburg, VA to become the NA power product manager and he led the effort of growing Power Control Systems in NA culminating in the largest order in the company’s history. Mikael joined the Eurotherm global BDM team in January 2018 with a focus on both glass power and DCS control and now he was just recently appointed to lead the Global Glass vertical market for Eurotherm.