“In all we do, we believe our clients need safety, reliability and technological progress” says Piotr Knast, Forglass CEO.

With this attitude in mind, Forglass engineers designed every aspect of the Forglass Bucket Elevator to ensure smooth operation and peace of mind for the user.

The features of this conveyor are called Smartservice and Smarttracker.

SMARTSERVICE is the service mode for easy inspection and maintenance of the unit.

Together with local control panel and the JOG function offer operational flexibility from various points along the conveyor, providing convenient visibility into the machine interior, streamlining maintenance procedures.

SMARTTRACKER, a set of advanced sensors, monitors the operational parameters of the conveyor belt within the machine.

Beyond safeguarding the equipment from potential damage, these sensors offer precise insights into belt alignment, simplifying adjustments to enhance operational efficiency and prolonging the lifespan of the system.

The Forglass Bucket Elevator includes more smart features such as self-cleaning design, backward run protection, drainage or automatic lubrication system.

Over the past years, Forglass has delivered more than 100 devices.