This year’s ICG International Summer School at Montpellier was held in July, and welcomed 50 students from 14 different countries.

The successful event focused on glass science and glass melting technology, and began with background lectures on key glass properties in relation to structure and chemistry, and an introductory lecture on Industrial Coatings Technology.

This year’s Summer School took the new approach of running concurrent separate streams, one following a glass science theme, focused more on academic topics, and the second looking at glass melting both from an industrial and academic viewpoint.

The formal teaching proceedings were brought to a close on day four. In the evening the whole Summer School enjoyed a formal dinner attended by ICG President, Prof Peng Shou.

During this event Prof. R Beerkens was presented with a gift in recognition of his contribution to the work of ICG over many years. He retires from his current position at Celsian at the end of July. The publication of the book ‘Making Glass Better, 2nd Edition’ was also announced.

Friday morning gave the students the opportunity to present their projects. First prize was given to a very well thought out and humorous presentation on the topic ‘Manufacturers of plastics argue that glass containers contaminate their contents. Defend the use of glass’.