A Day of German Beer is celebrated in Germany on April 23rd to commemorate the adoption of the purity law of 1516.

While beer sales have declined slightly in recent years, it is still popular with consumption at .106.6 liters with German consumers. They have a huge selection to chose from with more than 5000 beers in Germany, whether Pils , Alt , wheat beer or beer - mixed drinks.

More than 80% of the beers in Germany are packaged in glass and has been a popular packaging choice for beer for more than 140 years.

Glass is a material that obtains the optimal carbon dioxide and prevents the beer from tasting flat. Glass is practically inert, which means there is no interaction between content and packaging and the beer retains its purity.

It is also environmentallly friendly. Beer is largely filled in refillable glass containers, which can be re-used up to 50 times before they are recycled.

A beer bottle is an average of 60% recycled glass, with green bottles up to 90%. Recycled glass saves natural resources and saves energy needs, which is good for the environment and the climate.

Source: Das Aktionsforum Glasverpackung