The Delta furnace series from BDF Industries is the result of studies and experience in terms of melting technology when production is focused on commercial bottles and the focus is enhancing the furnace specific pull and the operation trust-ability.

The key points of the furnace are modulated to achieve the best results with this kind of production.

BDF Industries has designed a particular series of End fired furnaces to have the perfect compromise in terms of consumption and glass quality, keeping an eye on the balance between CAPEX and OPEX in order to propose the best solution technically speaking but also in economic terms.

This furnace series has a proven design to enhance the specific pull and tune the seeds as per markets requirements.

The sand dissolution index, the melting and the fining index, the bubble growth index and the residence time are optimised by BDF experience and by this peculiar design.

Thanks to this it is possible to achieve desired results in terms of quality even with very high specific pull. This thanks to BDF boosting system and our advanced combustion system.

Delta model has three different sizes of booster system, according to them is possible to reach 3,0 TPD/sqm or 3,5 TPD/sqm or even 4,0 TPD/sqm.

This performance with the right amount and feature of cullet are granted with the same level of quality and reducing at the lowest the refractory wear.