Bedlam Brewery has taken Beatson Clark’s standard 330ml amber beer bottle and given it a twist with colourful artwork screenprinted onto the glass by Yorkshire Bottle Solutions.

The bottles are manufactured by Beatson Clark but sold through Yorkshire Bottle Solutions, a glass decorating company based in Normanton, West Yorkshire.

Bedlam Brewery sets great store by its ethical and green practices, so an easily recyclable glass bottle made by a UK manufacturer was top of their shopping list.

“We try to minimise packaging and have been able to opt for a screen-printed bottle over a printed label to lessen any excessive waste,” said Managing Director Dominic Worrall. “All glass bottles can be fully recycled, which is something we actively encourage and promote.”

Beatson Clark Business Development Manager Chris Palmer says Bedlam and Beatson are ideal for each other.

“The environmental benefits of glass are well known, so it’s understandable that an ethical business like Bedlam Brewery will want to choose British-made glass for its bottles,” he said.

“We hold the council contract to recycle all the waste in Rotherham where we’re based, and we’re currently investing in a new £840,000 recycling plant which will make recycling much faster and allow us to process more waste glass for our furnaces.

“We’re delighted to be supplying an ethical company like Bedlam and we think their new bottles look fantastic!”

Bedlam Brewery in Albourne, West Sussex was founded by a group of friends as a hobby brewery in 2012 but has grown into a small commercial brewery which last year sold around 120,000 pints.

Bedlam currently brews four cask ales and has just launched its first lager, a 4.2% Pilsner.