Intended for the detection of low contrast defects in high value glass containers, the ‘Evolution Ultimate’ non-contact inspection machine from Iris has been adopted by many of the world’s leading perfumery, cosmetics and premium drinks packaging producers.

Developed by inspection solutions specialist Iris Inspection Machines, installations have been successfully completed, for example, at Pochet du Courval in France and Heinz Glass in Germany.

Despite the significant advances made in non-contact glass container inspection technology in recent years, until now existing machines have been unable to provide the quality of low contrast defect inspection required by the glass industry’s high-end producers.

As part of an ongoing research and development programme, the Evolution Ultimate solution (pictured) was conceived to meet this demand, incorporating a refined light source and specific software.

Ultimate is suitable for the on-line inspection of transparent defects in asymmetrical flacons and complex-shaped articles, without the need for mechanical orientation.

In addition to conventional inspection tools, the latest inspection algorithms are employed, allowing users to select the modules that best suit their needs and deliver even better performance.

The equipment uses the same interface as Evolution 12 and Evolution 5 inspection machines and is ideal for detecting the following low contrast defects:

  • Low contrast internal/external blisters
  • Oil marks
  • Lap marks
  • Loading and compression marks
  • Cold moulds
  • Low contrast surface blisters
  • Laps, folds and tears
  • Wash boards and cat scratches
  • Orange peel effect
  • Surface bubbles

There are already 10 Ultimate inspection machine installations at several of the world’s leading producers of premium glass packaging, with the prospect of further high profile projects to follow in the coming months.