AGC Glass has introduced a service named Coating on Demand (CoD), which allows architects and investors to develop coated glass products for facades and windows tailored to their needs.

The service is powered by the glass manufacturer’s virtual prototyping software, which is capable of delivering a true representation of coated glass in its environment and under various climate conditions, based on all the physical values of the glazing.

Gregor Ranner, Managing Director of Interpane Plattling and Lauenförde, said: “Buildings featuring glass facades created using Coating on Demand are like uniquely coloured cars that nobody else in the world can get.”

“The service focuses on ambitious projects by the world’s leading architecture firms, with glass tailor-made by AGC.”

The prototype product can be manufactured during a one-day development session in Germany. Technical specifications and optical properties are also individually defined.

Customers can fine-tune light transmission, reflection and glass colour to find the perfect solution for their project. Once all the technical characteristics and aesthetic features have been defined, the programme runs a feasibility check and optimises the configuration where necessary.

The first physical glass samples are produced directly at AGC Interpane Plattling's plant. CoD also offers the benefit of decreasing the time that clients need to select the right product down to just one day.

The end result is a product that an architect and investor can use to create their own iconic building. AGC will not use the same solution for any other project in the world.