Flat glass manufacturer AGC will invest in a €10 million laminating line at its Osterweddingen, Germany, facility.

It made the decision as a result of a positive business outlook for laminated glass, it said.

The new laminating line should enter service by the end of 2023. Preparatory works in the plant have already begun.

It said Germany has significant growth prospects for laminated-safety glass (thanks to the recently updated German standard DIN 18008) and solid fundamentals.

The new laminating line will also help optimise truck transport across Europe, reducing AGC’s carbon footprint by saving 1,100 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

With this investment, Osterweddingen will become a fully integrated plant, where the standard and extra-clear glass produced by the existing float line can then be transformed into added-value products on the coater, on the processing lines for solar applications, and on the new laminating line.