Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic AGC Glass Europe has drastically reduced its manufacturing and distribution activities, spread all over Europe.

The main priority has been to protect its employees and other stakeholders and prevent the further spread of the virus, while continuing to provide service to customers wherever necessary and possible.

Depending on the type of activity and the location in Europe, a large number of staff members are either on economic unemployment or permitted to work from home.

To maintain services to customers in the construction, carmaking, transport and other industries, AGC Glass Europe is preparing a phased re-start of its activities.

A central team has been set up to manage this process and is now preparing the various steps to ensure a safe start-up.

The actual resumption or scaling-up of activities will depend on the type of activity, the demand for products and the location of the plant.

The re-start will be very gradual and partial, and aligned with the directives issued by the respective authorities on health and safety conditions for all stakeholders.