Japanese flat glass manufacturer AGC Vidros has inaugurated its R $700 million (US $167 million) plant in the city of Guaratinguetá in São Paulo, Brazil.

The company has expanded its production capacity by 140%, becoming the second largest glass manufacturer in the country after eight years of activity.

The new plant is located next to the current one and houses a new furnace with capacity to produce up to 850 tonnes of flat glass per day.

The previous production capacity was 600 tonnes per day, but had already required investments of approximately R $900 million in AGC Vidros’ implementation of the first unit in Latin America.

With the new furnace that went into operation in April 2019, the Guaratinguetá unit's production capacity rose to 1,450 tonnes per day.

Jean-François Heris -Global President of the Building and Industry Glass Division, Fábio Oliveira - Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Finance and Business Support for South America were all in attendance at the inauguration.

During the ceremony Isidoro Lopes was announced as the new Managing Director of the Glass Division for Building and Industry for South America, replacing Francesco Landi who returns to AGC Glass Europe.

AGC has hired around 200 workers in the Guaratinguetá region, expanding its staff to 1,000, becoming one of the largest employers in the region.

The new employees underwent technical training, safety and compliance with industry standards.

“With the new plant, AGC also increased its built-up area by approximately 50% to a total of 150,000 m², ”said Isidoro Lopes, Managing Director. of the Division of Glass for Construction and Industry for South America.

He added: “Continuing its investments, AGC demonstrates the Group's confidence in Brazil and at the same time recognises the support it has received from the local community, partners and our customers."

Photo courtesy of Disclosure