AGI glaspac has delayed a multi-million project expansion for the time being but plans to go ahead when the situation improves.

Speaking to The Times of India, AGI glaspac CEO Rajesh Kosla said the company had intended to start groundwork for its brownfield expansion at Telangana and a greenfield facility in the east of the country in May.

This will now take place at the end of the year. The expansion will increase the company’s capacity to 8.9 million bottles a day by 2022.

It will invest 700 crore ($92.6 million) in the greenfield plant and 150 crore ($19.8 million) in Telangana. The proposed greenfield facility will boost capacity by 400 tonnes a day in the first phase and 350 tonnes a day in the second.

Its Telangana plant currently has a capacity of 1600 tonnes a day of container glass. This will increase by 150 tonnes a day after the expansion.

AGI glaspac is the packaging products business of HSIL Ltd.

It produces container glass for liquors, food & beverage, water and pharma.