Japanese glass processing equipment manufacturer AGI Group has announced an expansion of its AGI Glassplant brand in Europe.

The AGI Group currently operates seven glassware manufacturing and servicing companies in Japan and, over the past decade, has built on more than 70 years of expertise and experience in the field through a series of acquisitions in Europe and the USA.

AGI Glassplant supplies both off-the-shelf and custom systems for chemical processing applications in the pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and academic sectors, plus many more.

The company has a product portfolio that ranges from laboratory to pilot plant to manufacturing scale – with both borosilicate and quartz glass options featuring unique core technologies, including:

• Ring Baffle technology – for exceptional uniform thermal transfer, contributing to high yields and reduced energy usage.

• Vessel optimisation – proprietary methods for optimal wall thickness and vessel geometry ensure better thermal energy exchange and improved performance.

• Scalability – manufacture of reaction vessels from 300 mL to 400 L volumes, and jacketed vessels for volumes of up to 300 L.

• Industrial evaporation – from the world’s largest rotary evaporator at 200 L right down to 20 L, with options for continuous feed and collection.

Yasuyuki Ikeda, CEO of AGI Group, said: “We see strong potential for our glass technologies in the EMEA region and, as we see increased adoption of our products and solutions, we want to reaffirm our commitment to this important market by strengthening our presence with local development and manufacturing.”