Glassmakers including Verallia, O-I and Can-Pack celebrated the opening of American Glass Research’s (AGR) new facility in Delft, Holland.

More than 50 people attended the grand opening, which included two seminars, welcome speeches and a celebratory opening by sabering a champagne bottle.

Peter de Haan, AGR senior scientist will manage the Delft site alongside colleagues Jennifer J. Hu-a-ng, Samantha Beyersbergen van Henegouwen, and Laura van Delft.

AGR’s CEO, William M. Dimmick Jr and the company’s Director or Research, William G. Slusser travelled from the United States to attend the event.

They carried out the sabering of two champagne bottles to officially open the site in front of local dignitaries.

The site opened late last year and includes modern analysis and testing equipment. The lab can be used to carry out a range of testing services, including performance testing of glass packing.

The lab will also be used for fracture diagnosis, proof-of-design testing, dimensional evaluation and analysis of label, decoration and closure issues.

The Agr testing laboratory is also suitable for evaluation of coating performance, audit of glass plant operations, filling line audits, glass technical consultancy and training and seminars.

The company moved into the site late last year. The location was strategically chosen due to its proximity to a number of European glassmaking sites and breweries.

The location is a former children’s nursery, which was completely revamped by Mr de Haan and his staff.

Other companies to attend the grand opening included Sisecam, Unilever, Campari and Celsian.

Pictured: Peter de Haan with his colleagues from the Delft office, Laura van Delft, Samantha Beyersbergen van Henegouwen and Jennifer J. Hu-a-ng.