AGR International recently introduced the Combined Coating Measurement System (CCMS) for measuring metallic coatings on both the finish and body regions of glass containers.

This device provides operators with a one-stop, single operation testing station for measuring tin oxide coatings applied to the container during the production process.

Robert Cowden, AGR’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “The CCMS product encapsulates AGR’s unique, high value added relation to the global glass container industry by combining an innovative, proven measurement technique developed years ago by American Glass Research scientists with current state of the art electronics, operating system and automation technology.”

The system utilises AGR’s reflective coating measurement technology as a foundation and features a fully automated measurement approach.

By incorporating a number of technological advances in combination with automation, AGR has been able to achieve a 33% improvement in testing throughput and a 70% improvement in precision with this device over previous coating measurement systems.

Some of the features incorporated into the CCMS include: Finish and/or body measurements in one operation; dual head design; universal hold down mechanism; automated test or spot check operation; secure Linux-based operating system; industry 4.0 ready; software-based calibration and advanced electronics for better precision.

The CCMS is designed for fully automated operation. Positioning of measurement heads, including vertical height location, container rotation and capture of measurement data is performed in a single progression, without the need for operator invention during the testing sequence. Jobs can be created to measure the body or finish regions individually or a combination of both.