Air Products has been awarded a long-term contract by South Korean glassmaker and construction material manufacturer, KCC Corporation.

Air Products will supply oxygen to a new glass wool production line at its Gimcheon facility, which is due to come on stream in 2017.

It will install its PRISM vacuum swing adsorption (VSA) oxygen generator at Gimcheon to supply on-site gaseous oxygen to the furnace for full oxy-fuel combustion.

The Prism product line provides reliable, economical and eco-friendly on-site supply solutions by maximizing efficiency and reducing energy requirements.

“We have been supplying different offerings to KCC Corporation, including at the Gimcheon site, and are honoured to have won their continued confidence,” said Kyo-Yung Kim, president of Air Products Korea.

“Our longstanding relationship, as well as the latest contract with this strategic customer, demonstrates Air Products’ capabilities in supporting the growth of a leading glass maker and also the industry as a whole.”