Allied Glass has won the award for best ‘Drinks Primary Pack’ for its Tanqueray No. Ten bottle at the inaugural Luxury Packaging Awards.

Created by Design Bridge, the brief for the pack was to better communicate the quality of Tanqueray No Ten, while celebrating the 1920s when cocktails were in their heyday.

Therefore, the bottle is designed to enhance the citrus element of Tanqueray, and channel the iconic influence of Art Deco.

The shape reflects the classic cocktail shaker first embraced in the Art Deco era. With citrus at the heart of the design, another influence on the new bottle shape is the lemon squeezer, with 10 facets flowing down the sides coming together at the base in a hero punt formation.

On the shoulders of the bottle, the facets also reflect cut pieces of citrus fruit.

Special attention was also given to the colour of the bespoke green glass, as it is used to communicate the grandeur of Tanqueray No Ten and reflect the fresh citrus liquid inside.