UK container manufacturer Allied Glass has redeveloped its L11 production line at its Leeds facility.

It said the investment gave a boost to its commitment of having some of the most advanced factories in the European glass industry.

The line begins with a new Emhart 12 section, double gob BIS machine, which has the latest electronic and servomechanisms to allow for greater precision, essential in the complex manufacturing process.

This is served by a new wider Sorg forehearth, which has increased the capacity to produce larger volumes of conditioned glass.

The accompanying inspection line is fitted with modern equipment, enhancing inspection capability without compromise.

It has new Tiama iCare 4 hot end inspection equipment and a new cross conveyor and Sheppee tripple axis stacker system.

There is also a fully automated, gas lehr alongside a modern cold end line, which includes a Graphoidal overhead and under-belt coating system as well as a Pro-Sight for ring, base and mould number detection and an upgraded MSC MCAL 3 side wall inspection unit.

The line has been split into two and then inspected with two Tiama MX4 machines in order to have a greater throughput of bottles.

There has also been investment in the rotary machine ring inspection Atlas System which is dedicated to the non-contact detection of checks in the ring, the neck, shoulder and bottom area of the glass.

Richard Summers, Operations Director for Allied Glass Containers, said: “With this substantial investment in a new production line, we have made a bold commitment to growth and confirmed Allied Glass Containers’ Leeds as one of the most advanced factories producing spirit containers in the UK.”