Allied Glass Containers has supported The Glasgow Distillery Company with the creation of a beautiful pack for its new Makar Glasgow Gin.

The heptagonal bottle was originally designed by Fraser Reynolds on behalf of Glasgow Distillery.

The Allied design team then became involved in the project at an early stage ensuring working closely together to translate the original concept into a fit-for-purpose bottle design.

A bold yet intricate bottle manufactured in Gicel extra white premium flint glass, the key features are the chamfers and slices in the body, which were produced to be as sharp as possible to create a bold light refraction effect through the bottle.

A premium hand-crafted gin named after the Scot’s word for ‘poet’, Makar is produced in 300 bottle batches from the company’s copper pot still, Annie, and is based on a juniper-led recipe that includes seven additional botanicals: angelica root, liquorice, coriander seeds, lemon peel, rosemary, black peppercorns and cassia bark.