Ametek Land has launched the latest update to its Cyclops family of portable, high-precision, non-contact thermometers – the Cyclops L.

With its internal data logging capabilities, optional software and configurable route modes, the Cyclops L further establishes Ametek Land as an industry leader in high-quality, portable, non-contact temperature measurement.

There are four new models in the Cyclops L family, including the 055L Meltmaster with a temperature range of 1000 to 2000oC / 1832 to 3632oF; the 100L for high-temperature applications in the range of 550 to 3000oC / 1022 to 5432oF; the 160L for lower temperatures than the 100L in the range of 200 to 1400oC /392 to 2552oF; and the 390L designed for furnace applications with a temperature range of 450 to 4000oC /842 to 2532oF.

The Cyclops L thermometer stores up to 9,999 temperature measurements. All measurements can be downloaded to optional logger software for further analysis and comparison.

The Land Cyclops Logger Software allows users to connect a Land Cyclops portable thermometer to a personal computer or mobile phone and to view, analyse and record live temperature readings.

Connections between the Cyclops L model thermometers and a mobile device/computer can be either wireless (via Bluetooth) or via a USB cable.

These high-accuracy battery-powered thermometers have applications in a wide range of industries, including metal foundries, steel making, glass refractories, petrochemical processing, and laboratory/research & development.

They have precise, narrow field of view, continuously focusable optics with through-the-lens sighting for accurate sample point selection. Long-term, drift-free measurement assures confidence in the readings.

Cyclops L thermometers can be certified by US and UK ISO 17025 accredited laboratories to recognised international standards.