Ametek Land, a non-contact temperature measurement specialist, will be unveiling its new NIR-B Glass at glasstec 2016.

The thermal imaging Near Infrared Borescope (pictured), designed specifically for use in glass-melt tanks, has an optional auto-retract version for additional instrument protection.

Richard Gagg, Global IR Product Manager for Ametek Land, explains:

“glasstec is a great platform for demonstrating our innovative new technologies for the glass industry.

“Having only recently launched the NIR-B Glass, it provides visitors with a great opportunity to see the borescope at first hand and to gain a real appreciation of its wide range of features and benefits.”

The new thermal imaging NIR-B Glass provides continuous real-time temperature data combined with a crystal clear thermal video image, allowing a single solution to replace the traditional approaches of visual cameras and periodic hand-held pyrometry.

With over 324,000 available temperature measurement points in the field of view, the NIR-B Glass solution can also be used to monitor the drift in crown roof thermocouples.

Designed specifically for the glass-melt furnace working environment, the NIR-B Glass is designed to withstand the high ambient temperatures through an integral cooling system, with a specially designed air purge to keep the 90 degree lens clear of contaminants so the instrument provides 24/7 data to the plant.

An optional auto-retract unit is available as additional instrumentation protection in the event of either air purge fail, water cooling fail, power fail, or an over-temperature condition at the probe tip.

The NIR-B Glass solution has been proven to provide an operating plant with the ability to clearly ‘see’ cold spots from air leaks coming through structural refractory, meaning that cracks or collapses are easily detected.

This, combined with the ability to visualise flames, allows the plant to optimise the flame pattern and burn efficiency.

The ability to overlay thermal profiles across the crown and along the melt allows for accurate batch line control, production throughput optimisation and batch transit time recording.

Advanced software features allow multiple visual or output alarm controls to be set as specified by the plant.

This can be critical in extending the lifespan of the melt tank refractory and in providing greater asset protection through more accurate, remote infrared temperature measurement and live thermal imaging.

The NIR-B Glass provides an operator access to real-time, continuous data through enhanced thermal video images, combined with highly accurate temperature measurements anywhere within the scene.

The end results are increased production efficiency and longer refractory campaign life.

Critical areas, such as port arches, can be continuously monitored for overheating with automated alarms set for over-temperature conditions.

Long-term data trending then allows maintenance planning to be data driven rather than responsive.

The NIR-B image, which can be monitored from the comfort of the control room, features an accurate, high-resolution radiometric thermal imaging camera, which provides high-quality thermal video.

This enables precise product control and monitoring.

Thermal imaging inside refractory-lined glass-melt tanks normally requires the plant operator to cut large openings in the refractory to view critical areas.

With the NIR-B Glass solution, it is possible to use the proven technology of the NIR-B thermal imager to accurately profile the temperature of the entire furnace with only a small wall opening.

The wide 90º horizontal Field of View allows operators to see and measure large scenes using just one device. For more details, visit

Ametek Land will be exhibiting on Stand E52, Hall 14 alongside its sister companies Ametek Solartron Metrology and Ametek Surface Vision at Glasstec 2016.