Five experts from the Mexican glass packaging market discussed the sector in our first webinar.

The webinar took place yesterday (Tuesday June 3) and, in general, discussed four themes.

These were the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, how Mexican glass companies have pivoted their business as a result, government decisions in relation to the beer industry, and the role of technology in helping to re-boost the glass manufacturing sector after the pandemic.

Five expert speakers assess the sector in this hour-long webinar. They are:

Marcos Bernstein, General Director of Vidrio Formas container glassmaker;

Jose-Luis Velez, Managing Director of Interglass;

Juan S. Farias, Managing Director of FAMA;

Antonio Hernandez, General Manager, BDF Industries, Americas; and

Hans Mehl, Managing Director of MGFS

Click on the link below. Dialogue starts after 50 seconds.

The event was sponsored by All Glass.

This was the first in a planned summer of seminars series. Next week (Tuesday June 9) we will focus on Refractories in Glassmaking, with presentations from Refel and Monofrax.

One Tuesday June 16 the subject will be Energy Efficiency in Glassmaking which will include presentations from VPInstruments and Vertech'.