A new greenfield container glass plant in Angola is set to light its furnace today (Tuesday October 29).

The Embalvidro glass manufacturing facility will primarily produce beer bottles in amber and emerald green colours.

Early next year it will begin to also produce soft drinks bottles in flint glass.

The site, based on the outskirts of the capital Luanda, will fire up its 180t/day Sorg furnace today, with the first glass bottles expected to be produced in the middle of November.

The furnace is connected to three Emhart 10-section forming lines each double gob.

Other technology suppliers include EME (batch house), Vidromecanica (annealing and cullet return), Icebel (production lines and palletizing equipment), Tiama (inspection equipment) and Thimon (shrink wrapping equipment).

Embalvidro Director, Antonio Ruivo, who has worked for BA Glass and for Egypt’s MEG in the past, said he was extremely proud of his team.

“The construction of a greenfield glass plant does not happen every day in the industry so I feel really proud to lead and work with this team.”