The Catcliffe Cone Community has put out an appeal to find glasshouse cones in Europe.

The Catcliffe Cone Community Group was formed and constituted in June 2021.

It aims to raise the profile and history of the Catcliffe glass cone, which is the oldest surviving glasshouse cone in Europe.

The 70ft structure was built by William Fenney in 1740 in England, UK.

The cone shape, with its open top, essentially meant that the glass workers worked inside the furnace.

Large openings at the base could be left open or closed to regulate the amount of air circulating inside, where there was a domed brick roof above the pots of molten glass.

Researching the history of the Catcliffe cone has proven difficult, as little has been recorded and what has needs clarification.

The community knows of four cones still standing in the UK, Red House Wordsley, Alloa, Leamington, all Grade 2, and Catcliffe, Grade 1.

It is also aware of two in Germany Gernheim and Steinkrug.

Its mission is to carry out its research, but asks where are the other cones? Is Catcliffe the oldest not only in Europe but the world?

If you know of any glass cones in Europe, please contact or see