Despite Covid-19 affecting all parts of the glass industry Arc are looking to hire 149 apprentices, work-study and professional contracts who will join the company before the end of the year.

About 70% of the jobs offered are in production, including industrial equipment operators, machining technicians and smoke masons.

"These are profiles that are difficult to find, it is valid with us but in industries in general”, explains Daniel Vasseur.

“The training and work-study manager at Arc France is primarily looking for motivated people.

"We want people who have an industrial fibre, it will be very difficult to bring someone who has no technical skills in the industrial environment, but motivation is the number one criterion”, he indicated, specifying that the age and gender of the candidate does not matter.

To apply, the candidate can respond to a job offer on the company's website or send an application by email to In both cases, they must attach a CV and a cover letter.

An answer will be given to them within a month.

If it is positive, the candidate is invited to visit the company and in particular the sector in which they applied.

"It is very important for us; it allows the candidate to get an idea for themselves of the places and to see if it can suit them.

“It is also the opportunity to acquire vocabulary that can be used in interview”, said Mr Vasseur.

A meeting then takes place with a human resources person and an employee from the sector in question. If there is any doubt, the candidate can be interviewed a second time.

“Around 78% of our former apprentices have been offered a contract, on a fixed-term or permanent basis,” explains Mr Vasseur.

The reason for the huge push for new employees is Arc fears that a new hole will appear in the age pyramid of its employees.

The average age is 47 years, and the estimated number of retirements is 218 in 2020, 229 in 2021 and 240 in 2022.

“Since 2013, we have been recruiting between 100 and 150 apprentices per year, compared to around 40 previously”, said Mr Vasseur.