Ardagh Group and US food processing company HJ Heinz have formed a packaging development partnership to create a 300g jar for the European launch of a new culinary ketchups range.

According to the glass products producer Ardagh, the new jar has been designed with adults in mind and crafted to complement more consumers' mealtimes.

The development team of Ardagh in Poland collaborated with FLEX/the INNOVATIONLAB in Netherlands who provided them with a prototype model, from which the team was able to make calculations for producing the moulds used in the glass manufacturing process.

Special design features were used by Ardagh in order to prevent undercuts and stronger AGN cast iron was used to produce the blow molds.

Ardagh also developed a new approach for handling the moulds, which has enabled them to extend the mould life by doing away with manual handling. It created detailed full body debossing, which gives the jar its Heinz identity.

A shrink sleeve has been produced for the jar, which compliments the overall effectiveness of the package.