Ardagh Group has said its first glass production facility in Brazil will be in Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais.

The facility will supply glass packaging to customers in the growing Brazilian market with production expected to commence in the first half of 2024. Once operational, the facility will provide 300 jobs.

The glass production facility will be co-located in Juiz de Fora with a new multi-line beverage can manufacturing facility being built by Ardagh Metal Packaging (AMP), Ardagh’s 75%-owned subsidiary.

This facility will supply aluminium beverage cans to Brazilian customers, complementing AMP’s existing three plants in Jacareí (SP), Alagoinhas (BA) and Manaus (AM).

Ardagh said its focus on sustainability and the advancement of its Environment and Social Governance (ESG) goals would underpin both investments, which it said would be among its most environmentally efficient facilities.

Following the completion of both investments, Ardagh’s presence in Brazil will consist of five production facilities employing more than 1,650 people.

Paul Coulson, Chairman and CEO of Ardagh, said: “Following completion of these two investments in Minas Gerais, Ardagh will provide sustainable metal and glass packaging under long-term contracts to our customers in each of Europe, North America and Brazil, as well as sustainable glass packaging in Africa”.