​Ardagh’s plant in Neuenhagen, Germany plant has completed one of the company's largest furnace repair projects.

A 370 tonne furnace with its feeders has been rebuilt and hot end and cold end technology installed.

The site now uses Industry 4.0 technology. As well as the furnace furnace repair the company now runs two Heye 12 Section 5 1/2’’ DG SpeedLines as well as Heye inspection equipment at the cold end.

The two lines started production with 750ml Bordeaux bottles and 500ml wide neck jars.

“This major furnace repair is an important step towards future and secures production success for the next two decades”, said Plant Manager, Hartmut Treichel.

The implemented closed-loop technologies include latest Smart Plant features, such as the Heye Process Control, that monitors the pressing processes of all plunger mechanisms of the IS-Machine and enables the machine operator to recognise malfunctions at the earliest moment.

Less critical defects are produced due to self-optimising invert end position cushioning. This Ecomotion equipment automatically adapts to different containers, weights and pressure ratio.

Reduced oil consumption is achieved by the implemented multi-zone central lubrication. This patented temperature-guided lubrication interval control considers temperature deviations at the lubrication point and allows automatic adaption and optimisation of the lubrication demand.

All the installations, merged into a smart closed-loop strategy, ensure high yields for the plant.

This is also thanks to the good cooperation between the committed Ardagh people on site and the comprehensive installation service of the Heye team, that trained the production team to reliably operate the hot end and cold end equipment.

Pic: Heye SpeedLine in operation at Ardagh Neuenhagen