With the commissioning of the N3 plant in Nigel, Ardagh Glass Packaging South Africa now operates three Sorg furnaces.

Constructed as a Brownfield project in a new building in 12 months, the regenerative endport furnace has a melting area of 150 m² and will primarily produce green and flint container glass. 

Nikolaus Sorg engineered the whole installation, with designs for the refractory, furnace steel and platforms.

The scope of supply ranged from combustion air and the waste gas system to gas and diesel emergency heating.

Boosting systems (melting, barrier and throat boosters), tank and throat cooling, SCADA WinCC control system, glass conditioning and machine cooling were also delivered.

This was rounded off by the working end and 4 type 340S+ forehearths, each with superstructures, gas heating and cooling systems.    

The batch charging is carried out by two EME CPO 650D machines. EME connected the new furnace to the existing batch house via a redundant batch transport system.

This involved additional cullet storage, conveyor systems and the weighing system for feeding EP dust to the batch.

All work, including modernising the control system, avoided any disruption to the batch plant. 

 Steel and refractory construction was carried out by SKS, which also supplied the entire steel quantity of 400 tons.

SKS received support in safety management, construction site equipment and personnel from its long-standing partner Refraline.

The order was successfully completed by the heating up and fill-on with glass, including hot insulation.