Ardagh Group has created a bottle for Henkell & Co Vinpol’s range of Totino vermouths, which features embossing as a key feature.

The design and production teams at Ardagh’s Gostyń unit in Poland redesigned the 1L bottle, and created two new capacities: 500ml and 750ml.

“We were working at the very margins of what is technically feasible to reproduce complex embossing for a high volume bottle of this shape.

“We are absolutely delighted with the final result, which we feel meets the aesthetic requirements of the brief as well as the technical,” said Roman Sobecki, Senior Product Designer at Ardagh’s Gostyń unit.

The range includes traditional vermouth flavours, bianco and rosso, and includes additional options such as lime, cherry, peach, tropical and orange.

Dariusz Polak, Marketing and Export Director at Henkel & Co.Vinpol Poland, says: “Our new TOTINO bottle expresses a clean, modern and very stylish look that exemplifies the quality of our product and meets raising expectations of our customers.

“This effect and result is achieved not only through the product’s concept, but also thanks to the professionalism of our partner, Ardagh Group, who helped us to put it into practice.”

Caption: The bianco bottle