Ardagh Glass North America has created a proprietary beer bottle design for the second oldest craft brewery in the St. Louis region, using signature embossing.

Designed for the O’Fallon brewery’s ‘Everyday Beers’ and ‘Seasonal Beers’, the traditional-style bottle has O’Fallon’s signature ‘O’ and ‘We Love Beer’ slogan embossed in the neck of the bottle.

Inspired by form and design, the bottle offers unique brand differentiation in a world of classic long-neck bottles.

“Craft brewers are increasingly focusing on innovations in package design, and the new bottle from O’Fallon Brewery is the perfect example of this advancement,” said John Orr, Vice President of Craft Beer Sales for Ardagh Group’s North American Glass division.

Many craft brewers want an original, sustainable package that speaks to the quality of the product.

“When possible, O’Fallon does its best to source ingredients and packaging material locally, and Ardagh Group was the perfect choice,” said Jim Gorczyca, President & CEO of O’Fallon Brewery.

“Consumers want to know that when they choose hand-crafted, locally produced beer that their purchase supports the local economy.”

The O’Fallon bottle is manufactured at Ardagh Group’s Missouri facility, located approximately 50 miles from the O’Fallon Brewery.