Ardagh Glass Packaging-Europe (AGP-Europe) has entered a renewable electricity Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Germany's Sunnic Lighthouse.

The Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) secures a longer-term solar energy supply allocation to AGP-Europe’s NextGen Furnace in Obernkirchen, Germany.

Switching from 90% gas and 10% electricity towards 80% renewable electricity and 20% gas in the furnace is one of the key enablers of producing low-carbon glass packaging.

Jan Knievel, Head of Origination at Sunnic Lighthouse said the PPA was for an annual volume of around 130 gigawatt hours.

Martin Petersson, CEO AGP-Europe said: “Securing long-term renewable electricity for our NextGen Furnace is key to decarbonising glass production.

"This PPA will also take AGP-Europe another step closer to meeting our goal of transitioning to 100% renewable electricity by 2030.”