A solar plant which will supply electricity to an Ardagh Glass Packaging plant is set for completion this year.

Ardagh Glass Packaging-North America has partnered with CI Renewables, for the renewable energy solar project at its Madera, Calif manufacturing facility.

The 10-Megawatt solar project, built and operated by Valta Energy, will be completed this year. The solar project will supply electricity to the glass manufacturing facility, which will account for approximately 25% of the facility’s electricity demand.

The electricity generated is estimated to reduce demand from the local grid equivalent to more than 1,500 averaged-sized American homes (U.S. Energy Information Administration, 2023).

Walter Serafyn, Managing Partner of CI Renewables said: “This is the second large-scale solar project we have developed for Ardagh, and we look forward to more opportunities with Ardagh in the future.”

Ardagh’s Madera, Calif. facility has a history of responsibly managing its natural resources usage. In 2022, the facility received its ninth consecutive Energy Star plant certification.

Alex Winters, Chief Sustainability Officer at Ardagh Glass Packaging said: “Not only does this project advance Ardagh closer to our sustainability targets, but it also stands to aid our wine customers in their sustainability endeavours.

“By curbing the carbon footprint of bottles sourced from our Madera facility, this initiative aligns with our shared goal of fostering a more environmentally conscious future."

The facility manufactures glass containers for the US wine market and supplies wineries across the entire country.