Ardagh Group’s North American Glass Division hosted a Sustainable Brewing and Packaging event at its Wilson, North Carolina glass manufacturing facility.

The Wilson facility has uninterrupted production of nearly 30 glass bottles every second, and specialises in the manufacture of 100% and infinitely recyclable glass containers.

John Brewer (Mother Earth Brewing), Larry Lane (Double Barley Brewing) and Kate Binder (Bell’s Brewery) led a panel discussion regarding sustainable practises while yielding profits at their breweries.

Their prepositions included a focus in improving equipment and installations’ efficiency.

Recycling programmes, strategic partnerships and its influence in North Carolina’s economy was a subject debated by Mike Green (Business Development Specialist - Division of Environmental Assistance for North Carolina state) and Wendy Worley from the North Carolina Department of Environment Quality.

They also reiterated how cost-efficient a more sustainable approach to brewing can be.

“North Carolina craft brewers are leaders in sustainable business practises. I applaud the industry and the organisers of this event for their environmental commitment and positive impact on North Carolina’s local economy,” added Worley.

A more thorough approach to the process of collecting glass containers from the community, in order to improve the recycling ratio, was debated by Chad Beane (Solid Waste Division Manager - Moore County Public Works) using Moore’s County operation as an example.

“With more than 300 breweries and brewpubs in the state, Ardagh Group is proud to manufacture quality, sustainable glass bottles in Wilson, supporting the needs of the North Carolina craft beer community,” said Clint Gawart, Vice President of Sales for Ardagh Group’s North American Glass division.

Pic left to right: John T Shaddox from Ardagh Group, Wendy Worley from the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, Bill Clark from Strategic Materials and Chad Beane from Moore County Public Works.