Ardagh Group, Glass – North America has introduced its 500ml Celebration beer bottle for craft brewers.

The American-made 500ml Celebration beer bottle is made of high-quality, 100% recyclable amber glass. Its increasing demand is being driven by the rising popularity of sour beers and barrel-aged beers.

Alex Robertson, Chief Commercial Officer of Ardagh Group’s North American Glass division, said: “Breweries are packaging limited-edition, single serving craft beer styles in 500ml bottles because they deliver great shelf appeal and brand differentiation in a premium, sustainable package.”

It has the versatility of either a crown/pry-off or cork closure. The increasingly popular 500ml format provides a single serving size to beer consumers at a lower price point. For brewers, a glass bottle’s sustainability is just as important as the premium package.

Mr Robertson added: “Glass bottles not only express to consumers that they are purchasing a premium product, its inherent sustainability – from its raw materials to its recyclability – is yet another reason why glass bottles are the preferred choice for craft brewers wanting to build their brand and stay true to their sustainability promise.”

The bottle is available for purchase on Ardagh Group’s BOB for beer website or by contacting Ardagh Group. Its portfolio includes 12 American-made beer bottles.