Ardagh Glass’s North American division has launched two new 750ml wine bottles with Stelvin closures.

Ardagh’s Claret Regal and Burgundy Inspiration are now available for purchase with Stelvin closures, introduced due to growing demand.

Bob Parise, Vice President of Wine Sales for Ardagh’s North American Glass division said: “Recognising the need for alternative closure options, we believe the new Claret Regal Stelvin and Burgundy Inspiration Stelvin will bring added value to wineries looking to differentiate their products.”

Known for its ability to preserve the quality and fragrance of wine, Stelvin closures are used by a number of wineries. According to Ardagh, Stelvin closures help preserve the freshness and quality of wine by preventing unwanted excess oxygen from seeping into the bottle.

The Stelvin closure has been a success with winemakers, retailers and restaurants, helping keep the product pristine, tightly sealed and easy to open.

Ardagh Group offers more than 250 wine bottle design and color combinations in the USA, in colours such as Amber, Antique Green, Cobalt Blue, Champagne Green, Dead Leaf Green, Mist Green and Flint.

The Claret Regal Stelvin is available in Antique Green, and the Burgundy Inspiration Stelvin is available in Flint and Champagne Green.