Ardagh Group has achieved two firsts on the new bottle of Sailor Jerry, a premium spiced rum from William Grant & Sons.

Ardagh has been able for the first time to produce at its Scottish plant in Irvine a cork mouthed bottle using its weight saving ‘narrow neck press and blow’ (NNPB) glass manufacturing process.

While a cork mouth finish is relatively straightforward to produce using the blow blow process, it was untested and far more difficult under NNPB conditions. Ardagh technicians found a means of successfully performing this task.

The second ‘first’ came in the form of neck embossing – the first time this has been applied by Ardagh for the UK spirits sector.

The results is a bottle that is 20% lighter and also able to display embossed branding on the prominent neck feature.

Global Brand Director for Sailor Jerry, Julie Doyle said: “Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum was developed to continue the legacy of Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins and was inspired by his era, when goods were made by hand and people had a stronger sense of pride in their work.

"The new packaging has been introduced to align the brand’s look and old school feel with the premium, authentic nature of the spirit.”