The Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) has selected Bertrand Paulet, President and CEO of Ardagh Group, Glass – North America, as its Chairman.

Scott DeFife, President of the Glass Packaging Institute, said: "Mr. Paulet brings to GPI vast experience in the packaging and container industries, and his leadership will be extremely valuable to our members as we create and implement legislation and marketing strategies that protect and enhance glass packaging in North America."

Mr Paulet said: “It is an honour to be chosen as Chairman of the GPI and I look forward to working with our members to efficiently align our resources and add value to our mutual businesses.

“These efforts will include implementation of GPI’s energetic new programmes to promote the growth of glass packaging in North America, and increase the use of recycled glass in bottle and jar production.

“Together, we will leverage our collective capabilities to advance glass recycling and effectively position glass as a preferred packaging option for sustainability and the circular economy.”

Temeca Mitchell of Rocky Mountain Bottle Company and Nigel Dart of Gallo Glass Company both assumed board Trustee roles. Ms. Mitchell and Mr. Dart join Miguel Alvarez, President, Americas, O-I, as Executive Committee members of the GPI Board.