Glass container manufacturer Ardagh has welcomed the outcome of the European Commission’s Circular Economy package.

Ardagh Group’s Head of Sustainability, Steffen Seehausen, said: "The report sets some important and realistic sustainability targets for the packaging industry.

“It represents a thorough and sensible framework that will help to achieve closed loop practices within a circular economy. “Ardagh is totally committed to this approach, and looks forward to working in partnership with its stakeholders along the whole of the supply chain, as well as with local and central authorities.

“While the package represents a welcome degree of business continuity and confidence for most permanent packaging materials, the absence so far of any plastics target for 2030 signifies the difficulties this sector faces compared with permanent materials.”

Ardagh said it endorsed the statement issued by European trade association, FEVE, that “glass holds a special place in the EU Circular Economy as a permanent material that is 100% and endlessly recycled without any degradation of its intrinsic properties as long as it is separately collected and treated.”