Ardagh’s diamond inspired glass bottle for Harrogate Spring Water has won a string of national and international awards for its design and packaging since being released a year ago.

The campaign to enforce the brand’s position as the number one premium British spring water has also resulted in creating stand-out impact on the shelf and back-of-bar.

The bottle recently gained a silver award in the leading UK Starpack awards, after previously winning gold at the Roses Creative Awards.

It also found success at the BBI (British Bottlers Institute) awards and the ‘A’ Design Awards, where it featured as one of the most highly praised packaging design entries.

In all instances, it was the bold creative approach to the design process, the skillful technical execution and the clear strategic thinking that impressed the judges.

The Starpack citation summed up the approach as follows: “Clever bottle design yet simple, good balance. Heroes the water well. Good tooling and execution. Lightweight. Just enough. Clever.”

Sharon Crayton, Head of Marketing at Ardagh Glass, Europe, explained the importance of the diamond:

“We used Harrogate’s classic architecture as inspiration for the striking diamond design, reflecting the enduring, premium nature of the brand, as well as the high quality of water inside each bottle.

“The bottle’s diamonds disperse light to create a fresh, sparkling effect, and when the bottle is filled, these features are enhanced as light refracts to bring the bottle to life.

“This interesting design feature represents, we believe, an effective means of interacting and engaging the consumer with the packaging. “

James Cain, Managing Director of Harrogate Water Brands, described the thinking behind the design:

“The design reflects Harrogate Spring Water’s rich history, being sourced from the original British spa town, Harrogate, which has been providing water since 1571.

“This lineage is now highlighted on pack along with an image of the Royal Pump Room; enhancing the authenticity of the product and celebrating Harrogate’s pioneering role in the development of bottled water in the UK.”

The diamond bottle also features a new label introducing classic typography from Harrogate’s elegant heyday with subtle art deco and Middle-Eastern background patterns inspired by the town’s illustrious past.