Four associations have joined forces to improve the reporting of glass recycling.

FEVE, FERVER, EXPRA and EuRIC said they were are committed to increasing the quality and efficiency of the glass recycling value chain through separate collection, quality recycling and closed loop manufacturing of glass.

To help achieve this, a single, harmonised, ambitious and enforceable calculation methodology for the reporting of glass recycling in all Member States is needed.

All material streams should have an equal level of ambition when reporting recycling rates, regardless of the complexity of different recycling value chains.

In the case of glass, FEVE, FERVER, EXPRA and EuRIC have a common understanding that the measurement point is at the input to the cullet treatment plant, as this is the 'recycling operation' where waste is 'actually reprocessed into products'.

They also take the ambition further and propose that non-glass losses and non-targeted materials should be deducted.

“We are delighted to have such a strong partnership calling for comparable and ambitious reporting on glass recycling” stated Adeline Farrelly, Secretary General of FEVE.

“Measuring real recycling will drive local implementation of high quality separate collection for glass."