Dr. Eng. Meng Ling Yan, President of the Chinese National Association for Glass Industry (CNAGI), and Dr. Eng. Alessandro Bandini, President of the Italian Association for Glass Technicians (ATIV), met at China Glass to discuss collaboration between the associations for the promotion and dissemination of themes in the glass industry sector.

President Meng introduced the discussion, informing President Bandini on how the present Chinese market is very much oriented towards the sectors of tableware, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical glass, without, however, neglecting products in opal glass.

The main drawback of this last kind of production is related to its significant fluoride emissions.

Of particular interest are, moreover, products in ceramic glass, both cooktop and tableware.

President Bandini replied that in Italy there is significant experience in the cited productions, and that his association is organising a meeting in October with the theme of energy efficiency in the glass industry

The meeting between the two association presidents also touched upon glass-ceramic production.

President Bandini reported his personal experience as a Technical Manager at the Colorobbia Group in the production of glass-ceramic, even at zero thermal expansion coefficient.

President Bandini expressed a strong interest in participating in the upcoming CNAGI meeting, and proposed a workshop related to the discussed themes (nitrogen oxide emissions, creativity of new products), which was accepted by President Meng Ling Yan.

The two presidents have agreed to follow up on this important first meeting.

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Pictured: (front left) Alessandro Bandini, President of ATIV, meeting with (front right) Meng Ling Yan, President of CNAGI.