The Associazione Tecnici Italiani del Vetro (ATIV) Conference 2013 was held on Friday in Parma, and was well attended with 75 delegates and 12 speakers.

The conference was focused on furnaces and energy saving within the glass industry. More specifically, the main emphasis was on what technology and information the industry can use to reduce or conserve energy, to reach the low emission levels required by European guidelines for CO2, NOx, and SOx.

Alessandro Bandini, President of ATIV, and Angelo Montenero from the University of Parma, which hosted the conference, opened the proceedings. Presentations from companies such as Nikolaus Sorg, Area Impianti, and Glass Service (Czech Republic) were delivered to an audience which consisted of attendees from companies such as O-I and Verallia, among others.

A full review of the conference will appear in a forthcoming issue of Glass International.

The next ATIV conference will be held in conjunction with the European Society of Glass (ESG), and will be held in Parma in September 2014.