The ATIV XXXIV International Conference has been moved to June 24th-26th 2020 at Parma University campus in Italy.

Parma has been appointed as the Italian Capital of Culture for 2020. The 34th international conference has been moved to June as part of the celebration.

The ATIV (Association of the Italian Glass Technicians) XXXIV International Conference will focus on the following topics: The science of glass; Glass technology (Hollow glass, flat glass, artistic glass and decoration, special glass, ceramic glass and technical glass) and machinery, as well as equipment for the glass industry.

Other topics include: Glass in architecture; glass in automotive, railway, naval and aerospace sectors; Minor glass processing (hollow glass and flat glass) and glass decoration; Physical-chemical properties of the glass and regulations; Glass and the environment, as well as a history and the art of glass.

In addition to the conference, other events will be organised such as: An exhibition of historic glass (dedicated to glass in perfumery and artistic glass from other museums and foundations); Hand and artistic glass processing, with pot furnace and master glassmakers; Visits to glass companies and other companies in Parma.

Glass producers and raw material producers, as well as European and non-European glass associations will attend, including ACERS, ESG, ICG, AIHV, Steklosouz, China National Association for Glass Industry and Glass Trend.

The tagline for the event is ‘Where glass science, art and technology meet together.’

Pictured: ATIV banner