UK-based glass recycling company Recresco has been acquired by the BA Glass Group.

The incorporation of Recresco into the BA Glass Group was completed on December 20th, 2023.

Recresco said the acquisition represented the culmination of a months-long process, and that it would introduce a new era for its recycling operations in the UK, with the prospect of Europe wide activities to complement the sustainability drive of the BA Glass Group.

BA Glass said the incorporation of Recresco opened the possibility to develop the group’s current recycling operations, supported by the knowledge of Recresco’s team.

Sandra Santos, CEO of BA Glass, said: “The acquisition of Recresco is an extremely valuable opportunity to access high-quality recycled glass, representing a significant step towards our goal of reducing 50% of CO2 emissions by 2035.

"Incorporating a higher percentage of recycled glass in our products will allow us to be nearer to closing the glass loop and making glass the most sustainable packaging material in the world.”

Tim Gent, Recresco’s General Manager, said: “Partnering with BA Glass represents a unique opportunity for our team to participate actively in future recycling projects in other geographies, where BA Group has its operations, leveraging our know-how and experience in the recycling of glass.”

Recresco recently achieved operational carbon neutrality, making it the first UK-based glass recycling company to gain this certification.