This one day training course will be held on Thursday 11th January 2018 at The Society of Glass Technology, Chapeltown, Sheffield and is aimed at Batch and Furnace department and associated personnel.

The primary audience is furnace operators, supervisors and supporting staff in Environmental, Maintenance, Engineers and related Suppliers. Upon completion of the workshop participants should be;

- aware of basic combustion technology within the context of energy utilisation and emissions legislation;
- able to describe the basic processes of burner adjustment for good furnace operation;
- confident in applying a troubleshooting and combustion optimisation processes;
- able to relate the identification of glass defects to indicators of furnace operation;
- aware of oxy-fuel and emerging burner technologies.

As a result of recent emission legislation many plants have to meet increased emissions limits specifically for NOx.

In many companies there are only one or two personnel who know how the current Low NOx burners work and have the confidence to adjust burners.

This is frequently the highest single point of energy utilisation on a glass plant. The primary goal of the morning session is to give all operators a basic understanding of combustion and burner adjustment for good furnace operation with confidence to start the troubleshooting or optimisation process.

CelSian will present a one hour presentation on the basics of glass defects arising from the furnace since this is often what highlights the existence of a combustion problem and GTS will provide a one hour practical workshop session on defects analysis and include a tour of their laboratory. To conclude there will be an overview of oxy-fuel and other new technology.

Cost: £475 plus VAT per person including lunch and refreshments.

A certificate of attendance will be provided and pdf of critical slides. (Discount £398 plus VAT for Members of the Society of Glass Technology, British Glass and Glass Trend).

Contact to reserve places or further details.