Three companies from around the world have secured their participation at a forthcoming hollow glass event.

Italy’s BDF Industries, Mexico’s FAMA and CelSian from The Netherlands have all confirmed booths at the forthcoming Glassman Europe event.

BDF Industries of Vicenza is focused in several areas of the container glassmaking process. Its historic, core business are its forming products. It has more than 65 years’ experience in the glass forming field and can offer the complete range of IS machine including gob forming and delivery, ware handling, container and variable equipment.

FAMA of Monterrey is a manufacturing company that offers machinery design, manufacturing and repair services, moulds, special equipment, furnace engineering, plant design and automation processes for the glass industry.

CelSian’s focus is on providing the know-how for worldwide glass manufacturers to improve their process efficiency. Its proprietary software models are used by customers to optimise their glass melting processes, minimising costs for end users and to the environment.

Glassman Europe takes place on September 6 and 7 and is dedicated to the hollow glassmaking industry. It includes an exhibition and two conferences: one dedicated to the topic of Industry 4.0 and the other to Trends in Glassmaking. The event is free to attend.

The European Container Glass Industry association, FEVE, also has its Policy and Environmental meeting during the event. Container glassmakers from across the continent will attend the meeting.

The Czech Republic’s Glass Service will also host a training course in Lyon at the same time as Glassman Europe.

Other companies that have also agreed to exhibit at the event include Lyon-based group Iris Inspection machines, Italy’s All Glass, Zecchetti, Revimac, Marposs, Stara Glass and Emmeti, Germany’s Zippe, Sorg, VMA, Pennekamp and Heye International, Portugal’s Vidromecanica, the USA’s Henry F. Teichmann and AGR International, and the UK’s Electroglass and FIC UK, among others.

The event website is