BDF Industries has opened a branch in São Paulo, Brazil, in order to offer better support to customers in Latin America, as well as better understand the local market situation trends and needs, and search for new opportunities.

The São Paulo office will work closely with BDF´s team in Italy, in order help South American glass plants to improve their results and reduce costs in a flexible way.

“We believe that with this initiative, our current and future customers will benefit from having a faster response from their inquiries, avoiding the time zone issue”, says Alexandre Cardoso, the Commercial Manager in charge of the office:

“[Customers] will be able to count on a very flexible and solid company, that covers every aspect of the melting and forming areas, specialises in the automation control for the whole plant, and supplies energy/filtration solutions as well, including energy cogeneration”

For more information, please call + +55 11 2186 0262, or send an email to