Italian company BDF Industries is the latest group to confirm its participation to a forthcoming Argentinian container glass exhibition.

BDF, among the four largest suppliers of engineering solutions and equipment to the glass industry worldwide, has taken a 36m2 stand at the Glassman South America exhibition.

It is one of 67 leading international companies who supply the container and hollow glass sectors which have secured exhibition space at the free-to-attend event.

The event involves an exhibition and free-to-attend conference and takes place at Centro Costa Salguero, Buenos Aires, Argentina on Wednesday 29 March and Thursday 30 March.

BDF Industries is an EPC company of plants and equipment, from food & beverage to perfumery and pharmaceutical products.

It celebrated its 110th anniversary in 2016.

Other companies who will attend include Bottero, Sorg, Electroglass, Mexican company FAMA, Henry F. Teichmann and Horn Glass.

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